Ice World

Do you wish for a lot of snow and ice this winter?

Ice Age has arrived at the Hungarian Natural History Museum: we bring the polar ice sheets inside our halls and fill them with both extant and extinct inhabitants of the cold climate. Come be part of the magic and skate with us alongside the animals of the polar regions and the Last Ice Age.

We offer you a 160-squaremetre synthetic indoor ice-skating rink and 17 exhibitions as all part of your entrance ticket, from 17 November 2023 to 17 February 2024, every day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The Ice World exhibition and its skating rink provide experience, knowledge, and entertainment for all members of the family. The exhibition presents some of the most spectacular animal species of the Last Ice Age, as well as today’s polar and tundra regions. Although some of these species are extinct, many still exist but are endangered due to Climate Change, hence they are currently on the brink of extinction. Climate Change, along with the role of humans in its process, is a cross-border, global social problem, which is essential to learn about and introduce to the younger generations in order to create a more sustainable and liveable future. Therefore, Hungarian Natural History Museum aims to fulfil its important mission of contributing to the development of environmental attitudes of visitors through their museum experience.


The number of people allowed to be on the skating rink at the same time is limited, hence registration is always required. You can either preregister online via no later than the day before your chosen date and time, or you can register on the spot, at the information desk.

Terms and Conditions for using the skating rink

The skating rink can only be used after purchasing the entrance ticket and signing the Release of Liability, which is available for download on this site, but copies are also handed out on the spot.

Privacy Policy

Children under the age of 8 can only use the skating rink when accompanied by an adult.

Skaters are allowed onto the rink every hour from 9.30 a.m. onwards, and they have the opportunity to use it for 50 minutes. Please note the skating rink is kept in order by a rink guard.

When skating, please look out for other skaters.

Safe skating Rules

Skate rental

Skates from sizes 25 to 47 (EU shoe size chart) can be rented on site free of charge with a cash deposit of 5000 HUF . Otherwise, you can also bring your own skates.

Safe storage of personal items

There are coin-operated lockers available for storing your valuables during skating. Please note that the lockers only work with 100 HUF-coins.

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